Something for the Teachers to bear in mind…

I was reading this article today about common mistakes we are taught when learning about grammar in school. The most common example that I always cite is “i before e, except after c’, a rule disproved by the fact that there are vastly more words in the English language which break the rule than adhere to it. It struck me, however, that this is something that we as teachers must always keep in mind. Are we ever completely certain that what we are reaching our students is correct? Is our information correct and up to date? Have we explained concepts correctly? Or, perhaps more importantly, have we fully understood and grasped these concepts ourselves? I believe that it is important that we, as educators, constantly endeavour to have checks in balances in place to ensure that we aren’t innocently handing down our own errors and misconceptions to our students.


One thought on “Something for the Teachers to bear in mind…

  1. hi, yes I agree. How are we to be sure, what we are teaching our students is right? I am constantly being told by teacher friends that there are not enough hours in the day to teach everything that I expected of them. I have also had conversations where the ‘teacher’ has said they had to go home and google how to do long division as they were to teach in the upcoming lessons and they had no idea how to do it. As a parent that scares me, how much does my child’s teacher know or not know? And then as a pre-service teacher it makes me more eager to not be like that! love the post x


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